Just One of the Girls

(aka Anything For Love, Michael Keusch, USA, 1993)


Just One of the Girls is a surprising, almost unknown movie.

A romantic comedy starring the eternally teenage Corey Haim, it is one of several films that tailors the Tootsie idea of transvestism for the high school world of cheerleaders, summer camps and proms.

Haim dresses as a girl to get into an exclusive music class, and to avoid the school bully.

Just about every delicious complication inherent in this premise is explored: confusion over gay and straight sexuality, transformation of typical gender roles, befuddlement of parents caught between new and old moral codes.

It is a modest, sometimes ragged, but always diverting entertainment.

MORE teen transvestism/sex change: Willy Milly, Just One of the Guys

© Adrian Martin June 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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