Longtime Companion

(Norman René, USA, 1990)


Christine Vachon, producer of (among other things) Todd Haynes' films, was not kind to Longtime Companion during an appearance on World Entertainment Report in 1992.

For her, it is a pathetic plea addressed by self-oppressing homosexuals to the dominant, straight society – a way of saying: "Sorry I'm gay, but please accept me as a human being nonetheless."

Many viewers will disagree with her judgment, but there's no doubting that Norman René's film is virtually a gay, feature-length episode of thirtysomething, examining the devastating effects of the AIDS epidemic on a highly personable group of young professionals.

A highlight is the sequence involving the "first gay kiss" on a television soap opera – assuredly more exciting than the lesbian kiss featured in 1991 on L.A. Law.

MORE René: Prelude to a Kiss

© Adrian Martin November 1992

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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