No Secrets

(Dezsö Magyer, USA, 1991)


No Secrets is, from its very first shot, a quietly enthralling portrait of three teenagers (Amy Locane, Heather Fairchild and Traci Lind) thrown together in a country cabin for the spring vacation.

What starts out a little like The Breakfast Club (1985) inches closer to Cape Fear (1991) territory as a stranger on the run from the law (Adam Coleman Howard) worms his way into the affections of each girl in turn.

With an admirable sense of its own unique tone, the film avoids the clichés of both teen movie and psycho thriller.

This is a finely judged ensemble piece, with writer-director Dezsö Magyer (whose first films were made in Hungary in the early '70s, and who since appears to have only Executive Produced the Canadian film The Uncles in 2000) conveying the shifting alliances and ripening realisations among the group with great skill and tenderness.

The girls are a predictable assortment of types – "the beauty, the brain and the rebel", as the video blurb puts it – but the actors (particularly Fairchild) imbue these roles with authentic feeling.

© Adrian Martin September 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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