A Short Film About Love

(Kryzstof Kieslowski, Poland, 1989)


A Short Review Of ...

Opinions divide sharply on this work by Polish director Kryzstof Kieslowski, a feature-length expansion of an episode of his Decalogue cycle.

There are those who find this relentless, airless film about a young male Peeping Tom (Olaf Lubaszenko) and the object of his tormented desire (Grazyna Szapolowska) moving, even profound.

But would any viewer really accept that the former character's perversion (and sexual harassment) is Sublime, and that the latter's callous indifference is Tragic, if the gender roles were reversed?

The hallowed masters of art cinema, it seems, are very slow to give up their comfortable, gloomy misogyny.

I prefer, in Kieslowski's oeuvre, the all-male hell of A Short Film About Killing (1988), or the blackly comic introversion of Three Colours: White (1994).

© Adrian Martin May 1992

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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