(Lorenzo Doumani, USA, 1993)


Amore! is a weak romantic comedy written and directed by Lorenzo Doumani.

Jack Scalia plays Saul Schwartz, an ordinary nerd who realises his dream of becoming an actor, but only at the cost of taking on a new, wholly manufactured identity (complete with appalling Italian accent).

Between fumbling moments of bedroom farce and poor attempts to pastiche old Hollywood classics, a familiar romance takes shape, pitting inauthentic Saul against a sweet and natural modern girl (Kathy Ireland).

It is a sometimes sad but also gruesomely fascinating spectacle to see well-known actors slip down to the level of doing quick cameos in tawdry B movies. Amore! offers the sight of Elliot Gould mumbling a few lines and George Hamilton hamming it up in black and white as an old Hollywood movie star – though from which golden decade is hard to determine.

© Adrian Martin April 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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