Aspen Extreme

(Patrick Hasburgh, USA, 1993)


Aspen Extreme begins with a classic image of young, frustrated men itching for adventure – hammering and sighing in the sweatshops of industrial Detroit.

At the first note of a rock’n’roll anthem, it’s time for our buddy heroes (Paul Gross and Peter Berg) to burn rubber on the fast lane out of town, heading for … the snowy slopes of Aspen!

This is a surprisingly lively film, based (according to the press kit) on the personal experiences of writer-director Patrick Hasburgh. The narrative flow-chart of sporting setbacks and triumphs is entirely familiar, as is the opposition of rich, predatory women on vacation to the compassionate, homely heroine (Finola Hughes).

But the plight of these two innocent, unsophisticated hicks amidst the glamour of Aspen is often funny, and the stunts are spectacular. As ski movies go, it’s surely a masterpiece.

© Adrian Martin July 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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