(Rolf Schubel, Germany, 2003)


Much mainstream German cinema seems pretty strait-laced these days. But at least one film redeems the epithet of old-fashioned.

Rolf Schubel’s Blueprint is a strange and compelling mixture of a modern sci-fi story and a Douglas Sirk-style family melodrama.

The remarkable Franka Potente (from Run Lola Run [1998]) takes both main roles: as a celebrated classical pianist with multiple sclerosis, and as the daughter she clones from herself.

Although it has some drab and drippy scenes – especially of the daughter lolling melancholically on an island retreat – the melodramatic complications evoke such tortuous Family Romances as Frank Borzage’s I’ve Always Loved You (1946).

Or to make a more contemporary comparison: it has been a while in cinema since we have seen a mother-daughter tussle so redolent of Mommie Dearest (1980) – with lines like "You are my life" made to sound especially chilling.

© Adrian Martin April 2004

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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