C.I.A. II – Target: Alexa

(Lorenzo Lamas, USA, 1994)


C.I.A. II – Target: Alexa, the sequel to C.I.A. – Code Name: Alexa (1992) is a little gem in the low-budget action genre.

Martial arts star Lorenzo Lamas (Final Impact [1991]) doubles as the director of this diverting Pepin-Merhi production, and his control of an intricate tale is impressive.

The real star here is the sensational Kathleen Kinmont as Alexa, who in the opening scene ably disposes of a bunch of robbers whilst idly shopping with her child. In a homage to Hitchcock’s Notorious (1946), Alexa is pressed back into C.I.A. service by Lamas and forced to bed down with her old lover, the evil Kluge (John Savage, who appears to have taken intensive acting lessons from both Dennis Hopper and Michael Moriarty).

But here’s a twist even Hitchcock didn’t think of: Kluge is in fact the father of Alexa’s child.

The plot gets very complicated as rival bands of villains fight for a new-fangled nuclear guidance system, and Alexa’s actions among the mercenaries befuddle even the C.I.A.

The film conjures a comic strip universe where almost all power is wielded by muscly, sexy women – with the amazing Lana (Lori Fetrick), Kluge’s jealous lover, as Alexa’s ultimate nemesis.

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© Adrian Martin January 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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