Cold Sweat

(Gail Harvey, Canada, 1993)


Cold Sweat is a very odd erotic-thriller from Canada. It sets up a large number of characters whose various intrigues are interconnected in intricate ways.

A woman (Shannon Tweed) is having an affair with a man (Adam Baldwin) who is also supplying drugs to her husband (Dave Thomas); the supplier is contracted to organise a hitman (Ben Cross) to bump off the husband’s partner; and so on.

The oddest tangent of all is that the hitman is inconveniently bugged at all hours of the day and night by the ghost of the woman he brutally murders in the first scene.

So, alongside the perverse sexual triangles and crooked capitalist dealings, there’s also a dose of New Age therapy about forgiveness and self-love.

Cold Sweat is directed in a rather dull fashion by Gail Harvey (Some Things That Stay, 2004), but it’s a curiosity.

© Adrian Martin March 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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