Crazy in Love

(Martha Coolidge, USA, 1992)


Crazy in Love, a made-for-cable movie directed by Martha Coolidge (Rambling Rose, 1991), has a great deal in common with the family comedy-melodrama Once Around (1991) – beginning with the casting of Holly Hunter and Gena Rowlands as mother and daughter.

Here again is an extended family defined by wealth, eccentricity and excessive togetherness – three generations all on the same paradisal island.

This film is an ordeal, despite the sublime presence of Rowlands and the endlessly fascinating spectacle of Hunter playing her typical role of a modern, neurotic, career woman.

Gerald Ayre’s script takes on tough issues like marital fidelity and care of the elderly, but fudges them all.

Julian Sands, in an excruciatingly bad part, is such a wimp as the chap who tempts Hunter that Bill Pullman – normally the plain guy who always loses out in romantic movies – for once seems an attractive partner.

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© Adrian Martin January 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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