Cyborg Cop

(Sam Firstenberg, USA, 1993)


Cyborg Cop is a strictly formulaic action movie from director Sam Firstenberg, who made the intriguing Avenging Force (1986).

As the ex-cop anti-hero, David Bradley plays one of those dissolute, unshaven brutes who can rarely remember the name of his latest bed partner – that is, until a world-threatening crisis and a damsel in distress (Alona Shaw) straighten him out quick smart.

The twist here – an amalgam of various plot ideas from successful action films of the early ’90s – is that Bradley’s brother (also a cop) has been turned into a murderous cyborg by a mad scientist (fruity John Rhys-Davies) who modestly declaims between experiments: “Science is cybernetics and I am its prophet!”

Suspense centres on a single question: does this cyborg cop have any spark of brotherly love left in him?

© Adrian Martin January 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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