Dating a Vampire

(, Clarence Fok, Hong Kong, 2006)


Clarence Fok (Naked Killer, 1992) takes the directorial role, but the great Wong Jing supplies the script. Why-oh-why must even the Wikipedia page for WJ tell us that “his style, often seen as loud, crass, and philistine” has a “low stock among critics”? Those fools!


Dating a Vampire entertains a strange affinity with films by Tsai Ming-liang (The Hole, 1998) and David Lynch (Inland Empire, 2006) – given that it sets two students roaming through the spooky corridors of a dilapidated, abandoned apartment building. Eventually, they tangle with a trio of supernatural seductresses from Room 666.


The endlessly repeated establishing shots and garish colour effects give an underlying, Albert Pyun-type feel to the familiar combination of sex jokes and innocence-must-be-redeemed plot twists.


Especially enjoyable here is the introduction of a “TV psychic”, Mister M (Yuen Wah from Kung Fu Mahjong 2), whose charlatanry has to step itself up another notch for him to avoid imminent vampirisation.

© Adrian Martin August 2015

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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