(Michael Schultz, USA, 1992)


Day-O is a tame, telemovie re-run from Walt Disney Productions of ideas and themes from the wonderful Drop Dead Fred (1991). Delta Burke stars as a woman experiencing malaise in most areas of her life. Working in her father’s company, she is still passed over at every opportunity for her less deserving brother. It’s time for the feisty imaginary friend of her childhood, Day-O (Elijah Wood), to reappear and set things right.

Day-O is no scatological, anarchistic fiend like Rik Mayall’s Fred. He pops in and out of visibility and makes a few inopportune wisecracks from time to time, but generally he functions as a regular Norman Rockwell, making sure his pal turns out to be a good adult, wife, mother and worker.

If this is contemporary popular culture’s vision of a woman’s Jungian animus, then feminism really does have a backlash to contend with. Director Michael Schultz (Car Wash [1976]) has made some wild films, but this is not one of them.

© Adrian Martin December 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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