Delta Force 2

(Aaron Norris, USA, 1990)


How do you introduce an action hero into a plot?

If he is Chuck Norris, a standard idea is to show him dining quietly at a Chinese restaurant. He moves towards a gang of unruly punks at a neighbouring table, vowing: "I’m not going to fight". And then he throws them around the joint with his martial arts skills, capping off with the quip: "I didn’t fight – I just gave a motivational seminar".

The first Delta Force (1986) was about Middle East terrorism, and this sequel takes on the Colombian cocaine trade, but both are basically Rambo-esque fantasies about American involvement in Vietnam – re-fighting the war, and this time doing it right.

The film is tepidly directed by Aaron Norris, but it has a sky-diving scene that anticipates the thrills of Point Break (1991), and a wonderful moment where a Colombian President publicly announces: "If America accuses us of being a nation of drug pushers, then we accuse America of being a nation of drug addicts!"

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© Adrian Martin July 1992

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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