(aka Adventures in Dinosaur City, Brett Thompson, USA, 1992)


Dinosaurs bears no relation to the television series of that name, nor to the blockbuster Jurassic Park series.

It is a joyous little confection situated somewhere between the adolescent science fantasies of the mid ’80s (Weird Science [1985], My Science Project [1985]) and recent, naughty dreams for children like Drop Dead Fred (1991).

Three young teens get sucked into the world of their favourite dinosaur cartoon, thanks to the crazy gizmo invented by their egghead parents.

Not only do the prehistoric villains turn out, in the flesh, to be a rather camp lot of blonde bimbos and brainless hulks, but the heroes are also tiny, cowardly and less than awesome.

Made by and starring no one I have ever heard of, it is a commendable mélange of cheap effects, daffy plot moves and comic book caricatures.

© Adrian Martin September 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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