(Bill Brown & Steve Grass, USA, 1993)


Bruce (Matthew Geriak), the young, sporty hero of Dreamrider, does not have it easy.

Riding the bike he has just received for his birthday, he is hit by a police car and loses a leg. Recovering from that blow, he takes a second bike ride and seriously fractures the other leg.

With a little New Age encouragement from a crippled, wise old mentor (James Earl Jones), Bruce fights his understandable despair and dreams of breaking a cross-country bike riding record.

This telemovie is the only known directorial credit for Brown (who also wrote it) and Grass (otherwise a cinematographer).

It alternates amateurish scenes of real-life characters weeping bitterly or yelping mightily with long, repetitive montages of bike wheels spinning, steep roads looming, and the sun rising or setting in a very pretty manner.

© Adrian Martin August 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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