(aka Prime Suspect, Alan Metzger, USA, 1992)


There is a trick in thriller movies which involves the sudden use of a shaky point-of-view shot – the camera taking the place of a character’s eyes – which then cuts to reveal that this intruder is not the villain but just some innocent friend. Or are they really so innocent?

This device has never been used so many times as in Exclusive. A vehicle for star and producer Suzanne Somers, it casts her as a dynamic, investigative television newsreader who slowly becomes a wife-in-peril, like Ingrid Bergman in several Female Gothic melodramas of the ’40s.

Much of the film, directed by Alan Metzger (who later made the memorably trashy tele-melodrama A Dangerous Affair [1995]) is unengaging – until a certain subplot involving Vietnam war atrocities comes to the fore.

© Adrian Martin July 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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