Ginger Ale Afternoon

(Rafael Zielinksi, USA, 1989)


Here is a late-night oddity listed in none of the standard reference books on cinema: a working class, Country ‘n’ Western variation on talky, therapeutic dramas like My Dinner with Andre (1981), set in a Californian trailer park.

A newly married couple (played by John Jackson and Dana Anderson) work through the problems of monogamy, gender roles, financial support and emotional commitment in relation to the Other Woman in the next trailer, played by Yeardley Smith (from Herman’s Head, and the voice of Lisa in The Simpsons) in a role strikingly contrary to the cute, infantile, sexless parts she was usually given in the ’80s and ’90s.

It is directed by Rafael Zielinksi, a prolific and obscure figure who enjoyed a brief moment of indie attention with Fun (1993).

© Adrian Martin 1989

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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