Hot Bubblegum

(aka Shimshuf Naim, aka Lemon Popsicle III, Boaz Davidson, Israel/West Germany, 1981)


(notes from a radio review)


What a genre! Porky’s (1981), The Last American Virgin (1982), Puberty Blues (1981), American Graffiti (1973) …


What do they mean? There’s a problem with citing their so-called hidden values, as if someone else (not me or you, of course) – a target audience – is affected, influenced or reconfirmed in their ideology by them.


But this is not the path to take.


More interesting are the uses of nostalgia on display here. A male race going back to its days of uncomplicated innocence … The active/reactive relation of kids and parents around sexuality.


Its structure of stereotypes: the norm and deviations from it, and points of identification woven into that spread.


So there’s the interplay of Fat Boy, Smart Boy and Stud … as well the opposition of plain and cold.


Structure of the plot: switches, repetitions.


Style and setting: a weird split between Jewishness and Americanness in this ‘international release version’ for Australia and elsewhere – in the dubbing, and the music selections.

© Adrian Martin 1982

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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