The Man with Two Brains

(Carl Reiner, USA, 1983)


Pointy birds
Pointy, pointy
Anoint my head
Anointy, nointy

That poetic masterwork is recited by Steve Martin with no lack of passionate conviction in the course of this comedy, indicating the level of absurdity it aspires to and quite often achieves.

It is the tale of a brain surgeon torn between a particularly lovely specimen in a jar, and that walking caricature of a femme fatale: Kathleen Turner.

The Man with Two Brains explores the sharper edge of Martin's humour, which sadly went soft in subsequent vehicles beginning with Roxanne (1987).

Strange, cruel, marvellous gags about sexual frustration and grotesque bodily changes are piled on relentlessly.

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© Adrian Martin October 1990

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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