Midnight Heat

(aka Sunset Heat, John Nicolella, USA, 1991)


According to Sight and Sound magazine in the early '90s, the three most notable genres unique to video are martial arts films, made-for-TV true-story dramas, and erotic thrillers.

Midnight Heat is a perfect exemplar of the third category.

Beyond Michael Pare as a heroic photojournalist and Adam Ant as his flaky brother, it features the one and only Dennis Hopper as a drug lord who waves his hands around manically and spouts low life poetry ("the mystery is gone, it's not in the wine, it's not in the powder").

The thriller part of the generic equation is carried by various outbursts of gun fighting and car chasing. The erotic part is a little more interesting, for Midnight Heat showcases several relatively prolonged sex scenes in which the actors appear to keep their underwear tightly on during acts that normally require at least the loosening or tearing of such garments.

© Adrian Martin July 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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