(Miliardi aka Billions, Carlo Vanzina, Italy, 1991)


If it were not for the vast, international video market, Millions would probably not exist. It is a glossy, perfectly artless soap opera quickie in the mode of Dynasty, with a wayward international cast that includes Billy Zane, Lauren Hutton and Donald Pleasence.

The wildly freeform dubbing, touches of designer style and lurid sexual intrigues betray the Italian origin of this venture, directed and co-written by Carlo Vanzina.

Aficionados of trash culture should begin queuing immediately for Millions, in order to delight at the artifice of the plot and the unreality of the performances.

Billy Zane (character name Maurizio Ferretti) passes directly from emulating the early, smouldering Brando to aping the later, shambling Brando – which is quite an achievement for one so young.

© Adrian Martin July 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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