Mrs 'arris Goes to Paris

(aka Fashionable People, Anthony Pullen Shaw, USA, 1992)


Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris is derived from a story by Paul Gallico. It is almost unbearably cute: Angela Lansbury at her most painfully mannered, playing a lowly, loyal maid who wins a trip to Paris (shades of Shirley Valentine [1989]) and flutters her weepy eyes at Omar Sharif (interchangeable, in this kind of thing, with Marcello Mastoianni).

Fans of French cinema will note the uncanny resemblance of Lothaire Bluteau (Jesus of Montreal, 1989) to François Truffaut's star Jean-Pierre Léaud – a phenomenon that grants perhaps three seconds of interest to this film.

© Adrian Martin July 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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