(Sandor Stern, Canada, 1989)


Australian filmmakers and filmgoers have always looked to Canada with interest. The Canadian film industry is, like ours, a small and embattled one in the shadow of America.

Down the years, at local Film Festivals and arthouse cinemas, we have seen a trickling of worthy Canadian documentaries and dramas. Atom Egoyan has risen to prominence, and horror director David Cronenberg has achieved above-ground credibility after films like Naked Lunch (1991).

But here is an amazing Canadian B movie you may never have heard about, directed by Sandor Stern. It may be a stretch – or wishful thinking – to label Stern a cult favourite, but one occasionally finds an intensely appreciative reference to his disreputable oeuvre.

A mind-bogglingly perverse variation on the Pinocchio story, Pin has been accurately described by Philip Brophy as a "great mix of queasy sexuality and brooding psychosis."

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© Adrian Martin December 1992

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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