Spanish Rose

(Bob Misiorowski, USA, 1993)


Spanish Rose has the perfect cast for a B movie in the erotic-thriller genre.


First, smouldering Michael Paré (Streets of Fire, 1984) as the rugged hero, rebel cop and dynamite lover. Second, menacing Michael Ironside (Scanners, 1981) as the rich, possessive, psychotic crime lord. And third, exotic Barbara Carrera (Loverboy, 1989) as Ironside's wife, who glides about purring aphorisms like: “A man's secrets rest with his woman.”


Paré, fired from the police force for righteous insubordination, is hired by Ironside as Carrera's bodyguard. In an unfussy amalgam of classic film noir plots (especially Jacques Tourneur's Out of the Past, 1947), Pare is soon transgressing the laws laid down by his boss by both investigating his shady affairs and sleeping with his enigmatic wife.


Bob Misiorowski directs this familiar material with little flair. But any movie that sets a steamy sex scene to the strains of "Bamboleo" by The Gipsy Kings has to be worth something.

© Adrian Martin 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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