(Tom Holland, USA, 1996)


There are many kinds of bad movies: those that make you scream (Up Close and Personal, 1996), that offend (Video Fool For Love, 1996), that cause great arguments (Richard III, 1995), that drag you through a murky pool of sleaze (Jade, 1995), and big, bad, overrated, white elephants that scoop awards (The English Patient, 1996).

At least these movies make you feel something, no matter how hateful the emotion. But Thinner is a bad, bad film with no redeeming feature whatsoever. It is a thin piece of instant exploitation that occasionally promises to go somewhere interesting, but never does.

It is possibly the very worst film adapted from a Stephen King story – and that is saying something. Drawing upon a familiar inventory of base, vile, gross-out topics – obesity, bodily decay, revenge, desecration of a squeaky clean nuclear family – it fails to generate even the slightest degree of pop vulgarity.

Amid the generally undistinguished cast in this telemovie-style dirge, Joe Mantegna tries valiantly to put a gleeful spin on his part. But there is no joy here for anyone.

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© Adrian Martin March 1997

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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