Three of Hearts

(Yurek Bogayevicz, USA, 1993)


Three of Hearts flirts with daring subject matter but ultimately opts for a conventional, reassuring path.

It begins with the painful end of a lesbian relationship between nurse Connie (Kelly Lynch) and literature lecturer Ellen (Sherilyn Fenn, shockingly miscast).

Connie hits on a novel plan to win her lover back: she hires male escort Joe (William Baldwin) to court Ellen and then break her heart.

Like a lot of cool, modern romances, this one is most engaging when it explores the weird indeterminacies of today's dating games: the grey zones between friendship and sexuality, between lying and telling the truth, between intimacy and alienation.

Alas, most of its moral ambiguities are hurriedly cleaned up long before the finale. Still, Lynch is wonderful and her warm rapport with Baldwin indicates where this film could have gone if it had the courage.

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© Adrian Martin February 1994

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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