Traces of Red

(Andy Wolk, USA, 1992)


In the ‘90s, Jim Belushi fast became alongside Linda Blair, Michael Moriarty and Sybil Danning one of the icons of B movies released straight to video.


Traces of Red is a mystery thriller set amidst the high life and casually sexy atmosphere of Palm Beach, with Belushi as a ranting, mystified cop on the track of a killer who leaves lipstick traces.


A blonde Lorraine Bracco is hard to take as a swaggering bimbo fatale, but the general atmosphere of sexual transgression is fairly intoxicating.


But beware the voice-over narration which as in an increasing number of contemporary films seems to have been added in post-production to clarify plot moves that were perfectly clear to begin with.

© Adrian Martin June 1993

Film Critic: Adrian Martin
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